Mexico Cenotes and Ruins

A journey through the precious heritage of the prehispanic Mayan civilization


What are the cenotes?

Cenotes are natural sinkholes of freshwater carved into limestone rocks by erosion from rainwater from above and seawater from the bottom. Sacred to the Mayan civilization they are now some of the main tourist attractions in the Yucatan Peninsula. When visiting a cenote you can either find shallow or deep waters. There are probably about 8000 cenotes on the Yucatan Peninsula and although we won’t list them all, we have the ambitious dream to take you around the most amazing ones and share useful practical information for you to enjoy it to the fullest while respecting the fragile natural environment.

Mexican cenote shaped like an heart surrounded by trees aerial view

Cenote Corazon

Know before you go

Cenote Xux-ha

Cenote Xux-ha

The best-kept secret

Choo-ha cenote


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About the Mayan Ruins

More properly called archeological sites, we are talking about the remaining fascinating Mayan civilization that was living before the Spanish arrival to this land, which was subsequently named Mexico. We love to explore them from the most popular ones such as one of the seventh wonders Chichen-Itza to the more remote and unknown ones hidden somewhere in the Yucatan jungle. On this site, we will share all about them and the best way to visit them, besides more practical tips to make the most of your journey in the Mayan land.

Tulum Mayan Ruins temple and beach

Tulum Site

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Coba temple la iglesia

Coba Ruins

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Chichen Itza

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Who are we?

We are Sandra and Isabella, friends and Mexican residents for more than 10 years now, in love with the Yucatan Peninsula and all about Mexico with its spectacular natural wonders and historical heritage. Sandra is also a certified guide in Mexico and an amazing photographer. Isabella is a permanent student, wannabe photographer, and drone flyer. After living in this sacred land for so many years we have been inspired by this beautiful country and its fascinating culture to create this site where we share all we know about the Mexican Cenotes and the Mayan archeological sites. We hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy creating it.

How to move around the Yucatan peninsula

As you can see by reading the blog, we suggest exploring the spectacular Mexico cenotes and ruins by car, because it gives you the freedom to move around at your pace and find the best-kept secret places.

Sometimes though, when available, we love to promote local tour guides, people that have deep knowledge and love for their sacred land and its natural resources. This way we love to give back to a country that welcomed us with such an open heart.

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