In this section, we will talk a little bit about us so that you know who is behind this blog, the pictures ( almost all of them are our own), and the articles, absolutely our own words.


Sandra Salvado

Sandra is a professional photographer and certified guide but most of all she is a curious traveler, avid reader, and an inspiring writer. Her love and enthusiasm for the Mayan world brought her around this beautiful land for years, learning everything she could possibly find about the local culture, history, and natural wonders, with the curiosity of a kid and the approach of a scientist. She loves sharing everything she knows with her readers and with her clients when she takes them around the Yucatan Peninsula in one of her spectacular tailor-made tours. When she’s not writing on her blogs, you will find her photographing a new cenote, chatting with the local people in a remote village, marveling at a fresco of an archeological site, or walking on the deserted beach in her beloved El Cuyo, her new home.


Isa is a happy girl, always ready for a new adventure. She gets excited about everything that she enjoys and loves doing: traveling, exploring, learning, and sharing the information for you to enjoy a place as much as she does. 
She’s not a blogger that you will see in pictures, but one who loves taking them. 
She made her dream to live an independent life come true, free and with no fixed home, being her own boss, planning a thousand adventures, and dreaming about places that she enjoys before during, and after she visits, with the same joy. 
She is living the life she’s been dreaming of. 

This blog and us

two girls in front of a cenote

We have been chatting our way around this beautiful land, united by the same love for this country, storytelling, and photography.  We have been lucky to share the same passions and enjoy so many things with the same enthusiasm. We are not bloggers with a constant smile on our faces, but just two friends happy to share with you the beauties of this land that has been giving us so much. This project is the result of all our explorations and our affection for the Mayan world and we hope it will help you plan your trip to this magical place that we have the privilege to call home, and that you will enjoy it as much as we do.  

Happy reading and traveling!

Sandra & Isabella