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How to Visit Cenote Choo-Ha Near Coba: Prices and Info [2022]

Cenote Choo-ha is one of the most beautiful to visit among the three popular cenotes near Coba and an unmissable experience, especially if you are already in the area.

It’s a spectacular cave cenote with incredible limestone rock formations and crystal clear light blue water forming a river around a central natural platform,

It is one of the most popular to visit and if you don’t have time to check out all the tree cenotes this is the one we would choose, for the scenic landscape.

However, keep in mind that among the three it’s the only cenote that you cannot jump into because of its shallow waters.

So if this is something you really want to do I would choose the Tankach Ha!

Choo-ha cenote


Cenote Choo-ha is part of a group of three cenotes that includes Multun-ha and Tankach-ha, located between Coba and San Juan de Dios and managed by an ejido, a group of local families that owns the land where the cenotes are located.

We suggest visiting the three of them altogether because they are very unique and beautiful examples of the Mayan Cenotes. But it’s not mandatory and you can just pay for the one you want to visit.

They all share the same ticket office situated on the main road in between the cenotes. There they will give you the entry ticket that you need to show at the entrance of each cenote.

Remember to keep the ticket in case you want to return to the cenote on the very same day so that you don’t pay double.

Cenote Choo-ha is surrounded by a beautiful garden where you can find bathrooms and showers.

One of the things we love about these cenotes is the local efforts to preserve the fragile ecosystem and that is why showering before entering the water is mandatory.

Also, Cenote Choo-ha is the most suitable for families because of its shallow waters where kids can swim freely without dangers and the natural limestone platform where to sit and hang out.

Choo-ha cenote entrance

What are the cenotes?

A cenote is a freshwater sinkhole formed by the collapsing of limestone soil, the type of stone that the Yucatan Peninsula is mainly made of. The cenotes allow us access to the water table. These holes are produced naturally by the collapse of the roof.

Sacred to the Mayan civilization they are now some of the main tourist attractions in the Yucatan Peninsula. Read more about the Mexico cenotes.


Cenote Choo-Ha is only 6 km from Coba Ruins and 55 km from Tulum, 117 km from Playa del Carmen, and from Cancun is 140 km via Valladolid or 183 km via Tulum depending on your itinerary.


Cob Cenotes Map
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How to get to Cenote Choo-Ha by Car 

The best way to visit this cenote is by car because you can enjoy exploring the area at your own pace, but also because there are no buses going there.

Getting to the Cenote Choo-ha by car is very easy.

If you are coming from Tulum you should take the road to Coba and then keep driving past the archeological site around the Coba Lagoon until you find a sign for the three Coba Cenotes.

Just follow the road and you will find the cenotes’ ticket office. You cannot miss it.

Coba Cenote Sign

If you are coming from Playa del Carmen, you will need to get to Tulum first and then Coba.

If you are driving from Cancun, it would be faster to get on the highway to Valladolid and from Valladolid follow the sign to Coba. See the map below.

On the way back you could drive to Tulum and drive along Highway 307 which runs along the riviera Maya for more incredible sites.

But in this case, you should consider an itinerary of multiple days to be able to pace yourself and see more cenotes, beaches, and ruins.

When renting a car in Mexico we recommend Discover Cars because on their website you can compare different companies and their prices and you can choose between their car insurance or the ones offered by the car rental directly, or both.

How to get to Cenote Choo-Ha by local bus

You can get only to Coba from Tulum by bus. But once you reach the archeological site you will find either taxis or if you are feeling adventurous, you can rent a bike.

As I am writing this here are the prices from Coba Ruins parking lot, you can ask for a taxi or Bike Rental.

  • Taxi 400 mxn/hr
  • Bike 80 mxn/hr

How to get to Cenote Choo-Ha by taxi

Getting to Cenote Choo-Ha By taxi from Tulum or even from Playa del Carmen can become expensive but if you don’t like driving and you want to travel in comfort, then it’s the best option.

We cannot suggest a price because it all depends on many factors, including the driver rates, the time you are going to keep him busy, how many stops, and other variables.

However, we recommend asking your hotel reception for a recommended driver and making sure you agree on the fare before confirming it.

Visit Cenote Choo-ha by tour

We recommend joining organized tours when you don’t feel like driving and you have a limited time. In fact, these tours include transportation and combine different attractions so that you can make the most of your day.

Besides, a knowledgeable guide will share interesting information about Mexican culture and history.

So here are some high-rated tours we have picked for you.

► Cobá, Cenote Cho Ha, Tulum and Paraiso Beach, Reduced Group

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 15 Reviews
Prepare for a long day of exploration and fun! This 10-hour tour will take you around the most incredible spots of this region, including Tulum and Coba archeological sites, Choo-ha cenote, and the spectacular Paradise beach in Tulum. Lunch, water, pick up and drop off are included! BOOK IT HERE

► Coba Ruins, Cho Ha Cenote, Tulum, and Paradise Beach Day Trip with Lunch

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 649 Reviews
Another long day tour with a small group of participants. It combines two impressive archeological sites of the Yucatán Peninsula: Coba and Tulum. A guide will take you around the ruins and explain important historical facts. You will then get to swim in Choo Ha Cenote to cool off from the Caribbean sun. Lunch is included. BOOK IT HERE


✅ Swim and float in the spectacular crystalline water, while admiring the beautiful landscape and rock formations.

✅ Take incredible pictures

✅ Explore the other nearby cenotes Multun-ha and Tankach-Ha

cenote choo ha


Cenote Choo-Ha Facilities

✔️ Showers

✔️ Bathroom

✔️ Changing rooms

✔️ Life Jacket Rental (50 MXN)

choo-ha garden

Cenote Choo-Ha entrance fee  

The entrance fee of Cenote Choo-Ha is 100 MXN pp for (5 USD)

Cenote Choo-Ha opening hours 

Cenote Choo-Ha is open from 9 to 6 every day

Cenote Choo-Ha depth

Cenote Choo-ha is very shallow so you don’t really need a life jacket, but you can rent it if you want to feel safer.

Cenote Choo-Ha Coba


🔴 Don’t wear any type of sunscreen
🔴 Don’t bring any kinds of speakers for music
🔴 Don’t be loud
🔴 You are not allowed to bring any alcohol
🔴 Don’t smoke
🔴 Pets are NOT allowed
🔴 Don’t trash
🔴 Don’t hold on to the stalagmites and rocks

choo-ha cenote entrance
Choo-ha cenote blue water


✔️ Swimsuit and a change for when you leave
✔️ Beach towel
✔️ Go Pro Hero 10 for stunning underwater pictures
✔️ A plastic waterproof phone bag
✔️ Water

INSIDER TIP – try to avoid weekends and be there in the early morning when they open if you want to avoid crowds. 

Choo ha cenote


What we love the most about this cenote is the beautiful rock formation and the light blue crystal clear water.


It gets crowded during the day.


The issue with photographing this cenote is the bad artificial lightning. You will need to get creative and hide behind rocks to avoid the annoying strong front lights in the camera.

Cenote Choo-Ha Coba


Cenote Multum-ha – 2.7 km / 1.6 m
Cenote Cenote Tankach Ha 240 / 0.14 m
Coba Ruins 7.8 Km / 4.8 m
Tulum Ruins 60 km / 37.2 m
► Cenote Muul ichi Ts’ono’ot 8.9 km / 5.5 m
► Punta Laguna 26.6 km / 16.6

Category – Family friendly

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/ 5

choo-ha cenote


If you have time we suggest you should spend a few days in Coba and enjoy the peaceful village vibes and the local cuisine while you explore the area at a slow pace.

In fact there are cute lovely hotels where you can stay and get pampered when you finish your explorations.

We have stayed in Coba several times and here are our suggested hotels for different budgets.

  • Best luxury hotel in Coba – Coqui Coqui
  • Mid-range price – Aldea Cobà
  • Best Low Budget – Itza Cobà
Coqui Coqui Hotel
Coqui Coqui hotel
Hotel Itza Coba
Hotel Itza Coba


Upscale Restaurant – Coqui Coqui
Local cuisine and delicious juices – El Cocodrilo
Local cuisine and affordable – Chile Picante
Delicious cafes and Snacks – El Encanto

cocodrilo Restaurant

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