Cenote Eden

Cenote Jardin del Eden (Ponderosa)- Price and Info [2022]

Jardin del Eden, also called Ponderosa or just Eden Cenote is arguably one of the most beautiful open cenotes of the Riviera Maya.

It’s located only 25 km from Playa del Carmen and it’s close to many other attractions, such as the equally beautiful cenote Azul and Cristalino, and spectacular beaches like Playa Xpuha.

That is convenient if you want to combine different attractions in one day and make a full day trip either from Playa del Carmen or Tulum.

In this post, we will tell you all about Cenote Jardin del Eden, practical tips, prices, and everything you need to know to go prepared and make the best of your day.

Cenote Eden


Cenote Jardin del Eden, “Garden of Eden” in English, is also called Cenote Ponderosa or simply Eden Cenote. When you see it you will realize the name is a great fit for the beautiful lush vegetation surrounding the huge cenote.

Cenote Eden is a beautiful open cenote that looks like a giant natural pool.

A trail allows you to walk around it and you can find benches and platforms along the way to relax and enjoy the peaceful tropical nature.

The crystal clear water lets you see through and you can spot incredible rock formations, one of which is shaped like a heart, and the vegetation that is growing underwater.

That makes this cenote a great place for snorkeling. Also, it’s one of the top destinations for cave diving because of the spectacular rock formation you find underwater to explore.

Eden Cenote overview

Some parts of the cenotes are quite deep so it’s advisable you wear a life jacket for further safety precautions, especially if you are not an expert swimmer.

Remember you must be a certified diver to dive in the cenotes and book your trip with a Dive Shop. We will give you more info down below this article on where to book a dive or snorkeling tour in the Cenote Eden as well.

There is a well-maintained platform on the deeper side of the cenote where the more adventurous love to jump.

You can also sit on the massive rock formations emerging in the middle of the cenote and enjoy looking at the small fishing coming over and sometimes picking on your feet, and you will get a sort of natural fish spa!

Eden cenote people sitting on a platform by the water

What are the cenotes?

A cenote is a freshwater sinkhole formed by the collapsing of limestone soil, the type of stone that the Yucatan Peninsula is mainly made of. The cenotes allow us access to the water table. These holes are produced naturally by the collapse of the roof.

Sacred to the Mayan civilization they are now some of the main tourist attractions in the Yucatan Peninsula. Read more about the Mexico cenotes.


Cenote Eden is only 25 km from Playa del Carmen and 40 km from Tulum.

As you can see from the map below it’s close to many other exciting attractions that you can visit in one day.

Cenote Eden Map
Photo © Google Maps – Click on the image to open the map


How to Get to Jardin del Eden Cenote by Car 

We always recommend renting a car to explore this area of Mexico because it’s very safe and allows you to roam around freely and check more places in one day at your own pace.

If you are coming from Playa del Carmen take the federal highway (Carretera Federal) in direction of Tulum and you’ll see the huge colorful sign of the Cenote Eden on your right. You cannot miss it.

If you are coming from Tulum, direction Playa del Carmen, the sign will be on your left. So you will need to get to the next U-turn to get to the Cenote Eden.

You will need to stop by the first ticket office where you will pay your entrance fee and you will be given a bracelet.

After that, you will need to drive a little further on a dirt road until you find the actual entrance of the cenote. There is a huge free car park right by the entrance.

When renting a car in Mexico we recommend Discover Cars because on their website you can compare different companies and their prices and you can choose between their car insurance or the ones offered by the car rental directly, or both.

Cenote Eden Entrance
Cenote Eden Entrance

How to get to Jardin del Eden Cenote by local bus

Getting from Playa del Carmen to Cenote Eden by local bus is possible. You need to take the colectivo (minivan) that goes to Tulum and ask the driver to drop you off by the entrance of Cenote Eden.

It’s on the right side of the Carretera Federal. The cost should be around 30 MXN ( about 2 USD).

From Tulum you can also get to Cenote Eden by colectivo (towards Playa del Carmen). Ask the driver to drop you off at Cenote Eden.

Just keep in mind that you will be on the opposite side of a very high-traffic road where cars and trucks drive at a very high speed. Be careful when you cross the street!

The Eden Cenote ticket office is just at a few mt from the highway but then you will need to walk a few hundred feet (mt) on a dirt road in the jungle, to get to the Cenote entrance.

Eden Cenote overview

How to get to Cenote Ponderosa by taxi

Getting to the Cenote Ponderosa by taxi is another option. Make sure you let the taxi driver know at what time you want to be picked up and agree on the fare before confirming the ride.

We are not exactly sure about the taxi rate but it should be from 400 to 500 MXN each way.

Usually, taxi drivers would wait for 1 hour. If you want to stay longer they may charge you an extra 100 MXN per each extra hour.

Eden parking inside
Cenote Eden Parking


At Cenote Eden they have very strict rules and a no-toleration policy. So here is what you should know.

  1. Once you get to the gate, at a few mt from the highway, you need to park the car and get to the ticket office where you will pay the entrance fee and get your access bracelet. You will then jump in the car again and drive through the gate. Mind, you cannot drive through and get off the car to get the ticket. You need to park properly.
Eden First parking
Cenote Eden first parking

2. Once you get to the cenote before enjoying the place you need to wait for a small brief from the local staff who will give you important information on how to enjoy the cenote safely, both for you and the cenote. You won’t need it if you read this post 🙂 but it’s a good reminder.

Cenote eden staff giving a brief

3. There is a yellow cord that goes around the cenote so you do not pass over it for your safety.

4. There is only one platform from where you can jump and it’s by the entrance, where there is no cord. You can also climb the tree and jump from there but make sure there is nobody below that, in the water, of course.

5. It’s forbidden to jump from the wooden platform as it used to be. It’s only used as a sundeck and you can get in the water through some wooden stairs


✅ Swim in the spectacular crystal clear water and relax on the rocks emerging and scattered around the cenote.

✅ Snorkel and look and the amazing rock formations, the thriving nature growing underwater and the fishes swimming around.

✅ Jump from the well-maintained platforms

✅ Take a massage – there is a spa cabaña where you can book a treatment for as cheap as 400 MXN for 30 minutes.

Spa Cabañas at Eden Cenote
Spa Cabañas at Eden Cenote

✅  Relax by the water

✅ go diving – but you will need to book your dive in advance with a dive shop

Cenote Jardin del Eden Diving


Jardin del Eden Cenote Facilities

✔️ Bathroom

✔️ Showers

✔️ Life Jacket Rental (25 MXN)

✔️ Snorkel rental (25 MXN)

✔️ Spa cabañas

✔️ Sun decks

✔️ Snacks and drinks

Eden Cenote prices
Eden Cenote Prices
Eden Life Jackets

Jardin del Eden Cenote entrance fee  

The entrance fee of Cenote Eden is 200 MXN pp for adults and 100 for kids (no discounts for locals)

Jardin del Eden Cenote Opening Hours 

Cenote Jardin del Eden is open from 9 to 5 and it’s closed on Saturday.


🔴 You CAN NOT wear any type of sunscreen
🔴 You cannot bring any kinds of speakers for music
🔴 You are not allowed to bring any alcohol
🔴 You CAN NOT smoke
🔴 Pets are NOT allowed
🔴 Don’t trash
🔴 Don’t be loud in general, respect the other visitors’ tranquillity

Eden Cenotes Rules
Eden Cenote Rules


✔️ Swimsuit and a change for when you leave
✔️ A rush guard to protect you from the sun
✔️ Beach towel
✔️ Sunglasses
✔️ Go Pro Hero 10 for stunning underwater pictures
✔️ A plastic waterproof phone bag
✔️ Water
✔️ You can buy soft drinks and snacks and you have a choice among tacos, burritos and other local snacks. You can also bring your own food.

Eden Restaurant
Eden Cenote Menu

INSIDER TIP – try to avoid weekends and be there in the early morning when they open if you want to avoid crowds. 


The best of cenote Jardin Del Eden is the thriving nature surrounding it but also the crystal clear water and the incredible cave system underneath the surface.

The platform is also a great place from where admiring the beautiful cenote and take great pictures.

Diving in Cenote Ponderosa


Because is one of the most beautiful cenotes in the Riviera Maya it can get crowded, especially on Saturdays and Sundays.

The fact that they don’t allow DSLR cameras so you can take the best pictures.


Keep in mind that drones are prohibited while if you want to take pictures with DSLR Camera you need a special permit from the Cenote Eden office in Playa del Carmen. You should call them at least a day before.

Phones and GoPro pictures are allowed.

Make sure you get to the top of the platform for the best perspective.

Guy Jumping from Cenote Eden
Guy Jumping at Cenote Eden


Cenote Azul 160 mt / 500 ft
Cenote Cristalino 120 mt / 393
Cenote Chikin-HA 6 km / 3.7 miles
Xel-ha Ruins 22 km / 13.6
► Playa Xpu-ha 3 km / 1.8
Laguna Yal-ku 15.8 km / 9.8
► Playa Akumal – 14 km / 8.6

Category – Family friendly/ diving/ adventure

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/ 5

eden diver stairs
Divers have their own entrance at Cenote Eden


As we mentioned before there are many cenotes, including cenote Eden, that are especially beautiful to explore underneath the surfaces.

There are many dive shops that specialize in Cenote Diving. So here below we are sharing some highly-rated Scuba diving tours

► Discover the mystical cenotes – 2 Tank cavern diving

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 18 Reviews
This is a small group diving tour to explore some of the stunning cenotes near Playa del Carmen. You have lunch in a local restaurant included, after the dive. Equipment is not included but is available for rent. BOOK YOUR 2-TANK CAVERN DIVING HERE

► Private Scuba Diving Adventure in Cenote Kukulkan from Playa del Carmen

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 108 Reviews
Cenote Kukulcan is one of the most beautiful cenotes for cave diving in Mexico. This tour is made by the Cenote Guy one of the most highly rated cenote dive companies in Playa del Carmen. Each dive is done under the supervision of an experienced, certified, and passionate guide. BOOK IT HERE

Caleta Yalku
Yalku Lagoon


► Half-Day Sea Turtle and Cenote Snorkeling Tour from Cancun & Riviera Maya

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 336 Reviews
This tour combines two of the top attractions on the Riviera Maya in a 5-hour trip. You will be snorkeling and swimming with turtles and tropical fish in the wild and then you will be visiting one of the spectacular cenotes in the Riviera Maya for another swimming and snorkeling adventure. BOOK IT HERE

► Tulum Guided Tour, Cenotes and Yal-kú Lagoon Snorkeling

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 336 Reviews
A full-day tour where you will visit the spectacular Mayan ruins of Tulum, swim and snorkel in the spectacular Yal-Ku lagoon, and explore one of the amazing cenotes with a knowledgeable guide. BOOK IT HERE.

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