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How to visit the spectacular Cenote Sastal-Ha Homun

Cenote Sastal Ha is one of the new additions to the spectacular cenotes of the community of Homun in Yucatan.

Homun is a small town in the heart of Yucatan, blessed by the vicinity of the popular “Anillo de los Cenotes” (Ring of the Cenotes) where you can find some of the most spectacular cave cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula.

And since they are discovering new cenotes every day, we have decided to explore Homun and give you an update on the best ones.

Keep reading because, at the end of this post, we will share which other cenotes you can explore in the area so that you can build your own incredible cenote itinerary.

So without further ado, let’s dive in (pun intended).

Cenote Sastal-Ha, Homun

Things to know about Cenote Cenote Sastal-Ha

Cenote Sastal-ha is located on one of the most fortunate roads in Homun where the most popular cenotes are located. So without wasting too much time on transportation, you can see a lot of spectacular cenotes in the same area.

And if you are wondering, no, they are not all the same thing. They are all pretty unique and you will marvel at each and every one of these cenotes. If you have been reading us for a while you know that you read about all of them on this site.

Anyway, Cenote Sastal-ha is a cave cenote with a set of easy stairs that leads you to the water and a 2 mt (6 ft.) platform where you can jump from.

The cenote is quite small but it’s so beautiful that it’s still enjoyable if there are not many people inside.

INTERESTING FACT – Sastal-ha means Agua del Amanecer in the Mayan language which in Spanish means water of the dawn (sunrise).

Cenote Sastal-Ha Homun


Although our favorite way to explore the Yucatan Peninsula is by car, you can visit this cenote by local transportation as well, and here below we will tell you how.

How to get to Cenote Cenote Sastal-Ha by Car 

To get to Cenote Cenote Sastal-Ha you will need to follow the direction on Google Maps to find the cenote. From Merida, you will need to follow the directions to Homun.

Here below we’ll show you the Google Maps Screen Shot for your convenience.

Coming from Cuzama (the nearby town famous for other cenotes) you will need to pass Homun main plaza and continue on the main road until you find a set of colorful signs on your left side that mention Cenote Bal-mil. Follow them and almost immediately you will find the Sastal-Ha Cenote Sign.

Cenote Sastal-Ha Map
Cenote Sastal-Ha Map. Photo © Google Maps – Click on the image to open the map

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Local tip – between the plaza and the sign you will see a “fruteria” fruit shop. We recommend stopping by for the best coconut water ever (and other natural juices)

Fruit shop Homun Yucatan
Fruit Shop Homun Yucatan

How to get to Cenote Cenote Sastal-Ha by Local Bus 

From Mérida the bus leaves (medium van) from the colonial Centro (calle 52 x 65 y 67). Mini-vans from Mérida to Homún start running from 6 in the morning, and the last departure is at 5:30 pm.

From Homún to Mérida, the first departure is at 5:30 in the morning and the last between 5 and 6 in the afternoon. The price is 34 pesos per person.

The schedules of the buses are approximate as they leave when they are full. It is a very busy route, so it is easy for the bus to fill up quickly.

The ride is approximately 1 hour.

How to get to Cenote Cenote Sastal-Ha by taxi

One of the fun ways to visit Homun cenotes is by hiring one of the moto-taxis available and if you worry about how to find them. Worry not because they will certainly find you! 🤣

Those are 4 seating- carts attached to a motor-bike and a driver will be also your guide. They usually have already put together packages with a few cenotes but if you have in mind specific cenotes that you want to visit, you can ask and they will probably take you.

Just make sure you negotiate the rates before the trip starts to avoid surprises.

To overcome any misunderstandings due to the language barrier, write the price you understand or are willing to pay on your phone or a piece of paper and show it to them to make sure you are on the same page.

Cenote Sastal-Ha


✅ Enjoy the crystal-clear turquoise water

✅ Look for the corals fossilized on the walls

✅Admire the rock formations

✅Jump from the platform

✅Take amazing pictures

Cenote Sastal-Ha,

Practical information 

Cenote Sastal-Ha

  • Showers
  • Toilets
  • Life Jackets

Cenote Sastal-Ha Entrance fee – 

50 MXN ( 3 USD approx)

Cenote Sastal-Ha Opening Hours 

Open every day from 10 to 17

Cenotes Homun Signs
Sign on the road indicating the detour to the cenote
Cenotes Homun Signs
Cenote Sastal-ha

How to visit Cenote Sastal-Ha and respect the environment 

We would like the cenote (and nature in general) to stay as beautiful as it is and it’s not that difficult. Here are some simple rules to follow in order to do as little damage as possible to the environment. 

Because it is a fact that we do damage it just by existing, so let’s try to have as little of an impact as possible

🔵Always take a shower before entering in a cenote (available at the entrance) 

🔵Don’t hang on to the stalactites or stalagmites or any roots 

🔵Don’t be loud

🔵Don’t trash

🔵Don’t use any kinds of cream spray or protectors on your skin as it would contaminate the environment (even the so-called – eco friendly) 

🔵Just don’t do any foolishness that can damage the environment 

If we appreciate the environment we will learn to respect it. 

Cenote Sastal-ha

What to bring to Cenote Sastal-Ha

  • Swimsuit
  • Change of clothes
  • Towel to dry off
  • Mosquito repellent to wear after you come out of the water as there may be mosquitos around, especially in the Summer or after it rained.
  • You can walk on your flip flop although we always like to wear closed shoes when we are in the wilderness, mainly to avoid bug bites. But it’s totally up to you

What we like about Cenote Sastal-Ha

💦 The extremely crystal clear blue water 

🗿 The incredible rock formations and fossils

👀 The fact that it’s in a cave

What we didn’t like about Cenote Sastal-Ha

The fact that there were a group of other tourists who were kind of loud.

When the cenote is very full, they give a maximum of 30 minutes to be inside

Tips to photograph the cenote Cenote Sastal-Ha

It is more difficult to take photos in this cenote when light enters through the upper opening, there is too much contrast between light and shadow.

A wide angle lens is important in small cenotes to capture the entire environment.

Cenote Sastal-Ha

Category – nature lovers

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐ 3/5

What to visit near Sastal-Ha

There are so many cenotes in the area that you can stay for a week and never get enough. The closest ones are

✔️ Cenote Bal Mil

✔️ Cenote Hool Kosom

✔️ Cenote Canunchen

✔️ Cenote Chulul

✔️ Cenote Wolpoch

Also, you will find the Mayan ruins of Acanceh in the homonymous town and, at only one hour’s drive, the spectacular ruins of Mayapan.

We love what we do 💙

Where to stay near Cenote Sastal-Ha

The closest town to the cenotes where to stay is Homun. This small village has grown a lot over the years and you can now find many different kinds of stays from the simplest local hotel to more sophisticated luxury places. Here below we will share our hotel recommendations.

🏨 Hameki

Great laid-back luxury glamping just outside Homun downtown. Guests also love their pool and deck chairs and the on-site restaurant offering also vegan dishes.

Check availability and rates on Booking.com

🏨 Hotel Santa Maria

Simple local hotel for a budget stay. The rooms are not fancy but spacious and clean. They have a pool and an indoor restaurant with local dishes.

Check availability and rates on Booking.com

🏨 Reset Atemporal

Interesting luxury stay just outside Homun downtown. This new hotel offer luxurious cabañas equipped with thoughtful details

Check availability and rates on Booking.com

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