Mexican cenote shaped like an heart surrounded by trees aerial view

How to visit the spectacular Cenote Corazon del Paraiso, Tulum

If you are looking for a nice cenote to visit near Tulum, Cenote Corazon del Paraiso is one of the most beautiful to spend your day and relax surrounded by luxuriant vegetation and peaceful nature. In this post, we will tell you all about it.

The Riviera Maya is filled with incredible open cenotes where you can do all your favorite shenanigans, from jumping to floating, snorkeling, diving. They are all so beautiful that’s difficult to say which one is the best. 

Except for Cenote Corazon del Paraiso.

In fact, no one is shaped like a heart like it is.

And, you don’t need an aerial view to see that, even though we do have one for you, scroll down to see it.

Mexican cenote shaped like an heart surrounded by trees aerial view

If you stand on the jumping platform (even if you don’t have the least intention of jumping), and you switch on the creative side of your brain, you may be able to see the heart shape anyway.

But its cute shape is not the only great thing about this beautiful cenote and if you stick with us we’ll tell you all about it. 

What are the cenotes?

A cenote is a freshwater sinkhole formed by the collapsing of limestone soil, the type of stone that the Yucatan Peninsula is mainly made of. The cenotes allow us access to the water table. These holes are produced naturally by the collapse of the roof.

Sacred to the Mayan civilization they are now some of the main tourist attractions in the Yucatan Peninsula. Read more about the Mexico cenotes.

FUN FACT – Cenote Corazon is so-called because of the heart shape. In fact, Corazon means heart in Spanish.

Cenote Corazon girl reading on the platform

How to get to Cenote Corazon

Located at only 7 km from Tulum and 71 km from Playa del Carmen, Cenote Corazon is at an easy reach from the trendy touristy town of Tulum, so much so that you could even bike there.

But there are other ways to get to Cenote Corazon and here below we will illustrate all of them. 

Cenote Corazon Entrance

How to get to Cenote Corazon by Car 

The best way to explore the Yucatan Peninsula is in our opinion by car because it gives you the freedom to explore around at your own pace without having to wait for other travelers or rush through the day.

When you choose your rental car we recommend including full insurance with 0 deductible so you will drive with peace of mind. 

We recommend Discover Cars because on their website you can compare different companies and their prices and you can choose between their car insurance or the ones offered by the car rental directly, or both.

Having said that, how do you get to Cenote Corazon del Paraiso by car? 

From wherever you are you need to head to Tulum ( unless you are coming from Bacalar) keep driving across Tulum downtown and continue straight following the directions of Chetumal.

Ticket office cenote corazon

You will pass the beautiful cenotes Crystal and Escondido and you will keep going until you find the sign of Cenote Corazon on your left. You cannot miss it. 

From the Map, you will see that you should avoid crossing Tulum downtown from the main road. That is just because of the crazy traffic, otherwise, you can. Driving around the center will save you from a headache. 

Map of Cenote Corazon from Tulum

Cenote Corazon from Tulum Map
Photo © Google Map

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How to get to Cenote Corazon by Local Bus 

You can take the Colectivo from Tulum Center however keep in mind that the public transport will leave you on the main road. From there to the Cenote entrance is about 2 km and it’s really hot and humid.

So if you want to do it, you can but bring plenty of water with you. 

Cenote Corazon

How to get to Cenote Corazon by bike

Some people love to bike and this is quite an interesting ride. You’ll have 7 km on the main road and then 2 km on the dirt road. (follow the same instruction above mentioned for the car) Doable but please don’t forget the water. 

Cenote Corazon path to the cenote

How to get to Cenote Corazon del Paraiso by taxi

Hiring a Taxi from Tulum could be another option. Although taxi drivers have their own official price list, it changes quite often and some of them make their own rules, so if you decide to hire a taxi we suggest you should ask a recommended and trustworthy taxi driver from the reception of your hotel or your host. 

Also, it is recommendable that you should discuss the rate and time of pick up before confirming the taxi to avoid any misunderstanding or unpleasant surprises.

Cenote Corazon lateral view

Things to do in the Cenote Corazon

Cenote Corazon is surrounded by wooden platforms where to relax and enjoy the surrounding. Here below I will list all the things you can do in the Cenote 

Swim and chill – enjoy the cool crystal clear waters while swimming and floating around in the silence of nature. 

Dive – This cenote is also one of the most loved places by divers – you need to be certified to dive and go with a guide or instructor.

Snorkel – Snorkelers are also welcomed and even if you are not a diver you can indeed explore the underwater world with some snorkeling.

A snorkel mask and life jacket are available for rent at the entrance. 

Take amazing photos – Cenote Corazon is an incredible cenote for photographs, both for the spectacular vegetation and the heart shape.

If you have a drone you will love seeing the heart shape from the aerial views.

Cenote Corazon is also the only cenote on the Riviera Maya that lets you use the drone without paying a fee, which is pretty remarkable. 

Cenote Corazon

Practical information 

Cenote Corazon Facilities

In Cenote Corazon ha you will find 

  • Showers
  • Toilets
  • Mask rental 
  • Snorkel rental  
  • Life Jacket Rental 
  • Tables and chairs around the cenote garden 
Cenote Corazon Rental

Cenote Corazon fees

  • Entrance fees: 150 MXN ( 8 USD approx) – 100 MXN (5 USD) Residents and Mexicans
  • Mask rental  30 MXN
  • Snorkel rental  30 MXN
  • Life jacket rental 30 MXN

The use of the drone is allowed and free

Cenote Corazon overview

Cenote Corazon ha Opening Hours 

Open every day from 9  to 17 (however, sometimes they open later) 

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How to visit Cenote Corazon del Paraiso and respect the environment 

With this cenote project, besides talking about the cenote we would like to give it an ethical twist and take advantage of our position to promote common sense and respect for this mother earth. 

It doesn’t take much and it’s completely free. 

Cenote Corazon Platform

So here below we have put together some simple rules to follow to inflict as little damage as possible to the environment. 

  • Don’t trash
  • Don’t be loud 
  • Don’t use any kinds of cream spray or protectors on your skin as it would contaminate the environment (even the so-called – eco friendly) 
  • Always take a shower before entering a cenote (available at the entrance) 
  • Don’t hang on to the stalactites or stalagmites or any roots 
  • Just don’t do any foolishness that can damage the environment 

If we appreciate the environment we will learn to respect it. 

Cenote Corazon Rules

What to bring to Cenote Corazon

  • Swimsuit
  • Change of clothes
  • Towel to lay on and dry off 
  • Mask and snorkel gear and life jacket are available for rent but it would be much better if you  have your own, both for hygienic purposes and saving
  • Go Pro for amazing pictures
  • Drone 
  • Camera 
Cenote Corazon mexican flag

What we like about Cenote Corazon

✔️ The cute shape

✔️ The lush surroundings 

✔️ The comfortable platform by the water where you can lay down 

✔️ The silence (when there are no people)

✔️ Amazing Diving 

✔️ Great Snorkeling

What we don’t like about Cenote Corazon

❌ When it’s crowded and it’s too noisy. Although there is a lot of space around,  the cenote is not so big which is a problem when there are big groups. 

INSIDER TIP – try to avoid weekends and be there in the early morning when they open if you want to avoid crowds. If you have all day to spend there it’s even better because groups that come with tours don’t stay longer than 45 minutes so you can wait until they go and enjoy your privacy again. 

Cenote Corazon
Cenote Corazon

Tips to photograph the cenote Corazon

You cannot walk all the way around the Cenote but enough to find the best spot depending on what time of the day you are going. Early morning or late in the afternoon would be best when the sun is not high yet. 

When you have drone midday would probably be best because the sun would be completely above your camera drone. However, the downside would be that at that time of the day the risk of finding more people is higher. 

What else is there to see near the cenote Corazon?

➡️ Laguna Kaan Luum

➡️ Cenote Cristal and Escondido

➡️ Muyl archaeological site

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